Aubrey Plaza & Lizzie Olsen for WWD

Aubrey and Lizzie had a press day in Santa Monica at The Bungalow at Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. Popped in for a quick portrait shoot with them between interviews.

Usually these shoots are really short since the talent's days are packed with as much press as possible. The challenge with commissions like this is that you are not sure what you'll get as far as environment so I try to do as much research as possible about the venue and find pictures to give myself a bit of an idea. Also, the Photo Editor able to have me arrive an hour before my scheduled shoot time which bought me more time to scout and set up. I was informed I'd only have 10-15 minutes with them total to cover group and single shots so we decided to work with existing/natural light - there wouldn't be time to futz with strobes.

My shoot was scheduled for 1pm so shooting outside wasn't an option - the beautiful sunny LA weather works against me in this scenario - the sun was directly overhead casting hard unflattering shadows across the face. I needed to find an area of open shade or a well let interior space. The Bungalow is a cool place to hang out and party but it was so heavily styled with beach paraphernalia and crazy tapestries that I wanted to veer away from that to give the subject a cleaner background. Here are the test shots of the different spaces I had available:

(Thanks to the PR person who kindly stood in for my test shots!)

I ended up liking the window and the outdoor patio area ( I shot on the opposite side) the best. The cushions were grody so I moved all of them out of the way. From first frame to last frame I was able to shoot with them for 7 minutes. These shoots are definitely a good challenge and keeps me on my toes!

Thank you Jenna @ WWD for the opportunity to contribute!