MC Barao for ONU

A commission from the ONU team working with MC Barao shooting in the streets of Williamsburg to create some elevated athleisure meets fashion images, for post-workout to on-the-town summer vibes.

The Marketing Director initially reached out to me to do an instagram takeover and I’m a fan of the brand and their goal to create clothing that adapts to your lifestyle. Their pieces can easily transition and move across the different realms of a creative lifestyle.

We scouted locations the week before that would compliment the styling and tell a story that wouldn't distract from the technical details of the pieces. On the day of the shoot we had two hours with MC and everything went smoothly as we were able to work quickly on location with natural light and had one wardrobe change during a coffee/donut break (these should be mandatory on all shoots?) at The William Vale hotel. 

Huge thanks to the team at ONU for the opportunity to contribute. 

Justin Kim - Marketing Director
Thomas Moon - Chief Creative Officer
MC Barao - Talent/Stylist