Phillip Lim for MAEKAN

On the final day of Phillip Lim's month-long hiatus this past summer, Alex Maeland and I sat down for an afternoon conversation and portraits in his beautiful gallery-like Tribeca home. Casual and unstructured, the conversation spanned everything from Lim's upbringing in Southern California and creative inspiration to the changing face of fashion, the business of creativity and cultivating a new generation of young creatives. I highly recommend heading over to MAEKAN now to experience the full story including a wonderfully edited audio interview. 

Thank you to Alex, Eugene, and the entire team at MAEKAN such a fun opportunity.

Flight Facilities for vol. 13 of Cereal Magazine

Hugo and Jimmy (aka Flight Facilities) an extremely talented electronic producer duo at The Old Clare Hotel in Sydney.

Aubrey Plaza & Lizzie Olsen for WWD

Aubrey and Lizzie had a press day in Santa Monica at The Bungalow at Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. Popped in for a quick portrait shoot with them between interviews.

Usually these shoots are really short since the talent's days are packed with as much press as possible. The challenge with commissions like this is that you are not sure what you'll get as far as environment so I try to do as much research as possible about the venue and find pictures to give myself a bit of an idea. Also, the Photo Editor able to have me arrive an hour before my scheduled shoot time which bought me more time to scout and set up. I was informed I'd only have 10-15 minutes with them total to cover group and single shots so we decided to work with existing/natural light - there wouldn't be time to futz with strobes.

My shoot was scheduled for 1pm so shooting outside wasn't an option - the beautiful sunny LA weather works against me in this scenario - the sun was directly overhead casting hard unflattering shadows across the face. I needed to find an area of open shade or a well let interior space. The Bungalow is a cool place to hang out and party but it was so heavily styled with beach paraphernalia and crazy tapestries that I wanted to veer away from that to give the subject a cleaner background. Here are the test shots of the different spaces I had available:

(Thanks to the PR person who kindly stood in for my test shots!)

I ended up liking the window and the outdoor patio area ( I shot on the opposite side) the best. The cushions were grody so I moved all of them out of the way. From first frame to last frame I was able to shoot with them for 7 minutes. These shoots are definitely a good challenge and keeps me on my toes!

Thank you Jenna @ WWD for the opportunity to contribute!

Outdoor Swimming for CEREAL Vol. 13

I traveled to Sydney (and Australia) for the first time to photograph a few stories for Volume 13 of Cereal Magazine! Despite the crazy long flight from New York to Sydney with a layover in Hong Kong, it was well worth the time to travel there to see the infamous Icebergs pool at Bondi Beach. We woke up for sunrise each morning to catch waves crashing into the pool before the swimmers dove in at 6:30AM. 

MC Barao for ONU

A commission from the ONU team working with MC Barao shooting in the streets of Williamsburg to create some elevated athleisure meets fashion images, for post-workout to on-the-town summer vibes.

The Marketing Director initially reached out to me to do an instagram takeover and I’m a fan of the brand and their goal to create clothing that adapts to your lifestyle. Their pieces can easily transition and move across the different realms of a creative lifestyle.

We scouted locations the week before that would compliment the styling and tell a story that wouldn't distract from the technical details of the pieces. On the day of the shoot we had two hours with MC and everything went smoothly as we were able to work quickly on location with natural light and had one wardrobe change during a coffee/donut break (these should be mandatory on all shoots?) at The William Vale hotel. 

Huge thanks to the team at ONU for the opportunity to contribute. 

Justin Kim - Marketing Director
Thomas Moon - Chief Creative Officer
MC Barao - Talent/Stylist

Landon Metz Studio Visit for CEREAL Vol. 13

A visit to Landon Metz's studio in Brooklyn on a quiet afternoon in December.

Henry Wilson Studio Visit for CEREAL Journal

During our visit to Sydney we visited Henry Wilson's beautiful studio to capture some portraits with his dog Slick and some details of his thoughtfully designed bronze pieces.

Read this whole piece on CEREAL's Journal -

Sabrina De Sousa of Dimes for WWD

A quick environmental portrait of Sabrina De Sousa of Dimes for the new Women At Work feature in WWD.

a few outtakes to enjoy below - I love the colors in the space and Sabrina is so photogenic!

Seamus Mullen for Lincoln / 23 Stories

Spent a day around New York with the Lincoln, 23 Stories, and Common Good teams at Seamus Mullen's home in DUMBO, his restaurant - Tertulia, and a quick stop at the Spanish market - Despaña, while learning about his backstory and how his love for Spanish cuisine came about. 

David Coggins for The Rake Japan

A visit to David's infamous wonderfully decorated apartment in West Village for some portraits and details for The Rake Japan. 

Thank you Fujita-san for the opportunity!

Kalysse Anthony for MISSBISH

Ran around the city with Kaylsse visiting a few of her favorite shops - Rare Pair, Metropolis Vintage and L Train Vintage to create photos for her feature on MISSBISH.

A tribute to International Women's Day

A few of the many incredible women I've had the opportunity to meet, photograph, and support. 

let's continue to do what we can with with what we have, where we are. 

Special Edition Cover FEAT. Ralph Lauren February 2017 for WWD

The last shoot for NYFW - a special edition cover photographed before the show at 888 Madison Ave.

Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition Cover for WWD

In between shooting backstage, the opportunity to photograph a WWD exclusive for the TommyxGigi collaboration before the runway show through the carnival on South Street Seaport.

Thank you Jenna, Lisa, and Emily for the opportunity and Pearl from the TH team for making this happen!

Backstage Beauty & Fashion at New York Fashion Week SS17 for WWD

Based on my images from Men's Fashion Week, WWD brought me back to shoot Women's in September. Being that it was my first time shooting high profile Women's shows, it was a huge learning experience. It really takes a very large village to execute these shows - PR, hair, makeup, models, dressers, nail technicians, seamstresses, production, security, catering and more that I'm probably missing. Amidst all of these people, add photographers and videographers from different local and international press, and influencers trying to push out exclusive backstage content on Facebook Live & Snapchat, backstage becomes pretty crazy. Everyone is trying to do their job as best as possible and it all culminates in the runway show that all happens in what feels like a split second. 

A few numbers to give you an idea of what went down on my end:
+ over 6000 photos
+ 8 consecutive days of photography
+ 19 shows
+ 12 juno rides
+ 1 unlimited metro pass

Here are some favorite images from each of the shows.



















As each show went by I would recognize some familiar faces both with in the casting of the models as well as fellow photographers. There's a bit of waiting especially during rehearsals so it was nice to meet people and make new friends like Spencer, Driely, and Alyssa.

A huge thank you to Ash, Jenna, Emily and Oona at WWD for making this happen!


New York Men's Fashion Week - M Collections Special Issue

The editors at WWD mentioned that backstage images would be used in a print spread for a round up of the men's shows in Milan, London, Paris, and New York. It was a nice surprise to find a few of my images in print on news stands! 

More images from backstage in this previous blog post.


(Cover Image by Gorka Postigo)

Hong Kong Tailors for Cadillac Magazine

Client: Cadillac Magazine / Campbell Ewald
Location: Hong Kong
Brief: A "process" story - getting a custom made suit in Hong Kong at alternative tailor enterprises

When I moved back to Hong Kong five years ago, I started out shooting #menswear because of the initial connections I had made in Hong Kong. It was awesome seeing the growth of The Armoury (now with 2 stores in HK and one in NY) and I became quite familiar with classic menswear and tailoring. It was awesome to get the call to shoot this story back in HK because I had the opportunity to meet and photograph another side of tailoring in Hong Kong. CUFFS was an interesting concept where you can select every detail of your suit - at the suit bar, pant bar, and shirt bar - in a contemporary setting with helpful illustrations. The other shop, Bonham Strand, has a social mission - reviving the tailoring tradition by having master tailors training disenfranchised youth, giving them skills and job opportunities. The owner hopes to expand the business model to 50 stores in the US, definitely inspiring! Huge thanks to Cassidy for the opportunity.

Check out the 6 page spread below, and a few images from the shoot in this project gallery.

New York Men's Fashion Week for WWD

The first time I shot anything for Fashion Week was for Cereal - I visited a few women's AW16 presentations and went backstage for two shows. I've always enjoyed shooting backstage because to some degree I can take my time to be a fly on the wall and look for great light, interesting angles and things to shoot through - figure out a way to capture interesting details/movements.

This was my first time shooting Men's Fashion Week backstage for WWD. I went to eight SS17 shows across four days around New York and it was an adventure! It was definitely more intense than the experience shooting for Cereal but also very exciting. The most challenging part was working around everyone else who is trying to capture stills/video backstage and turning around my processed selects before getting to the next show. Thanks to my Macbook Air and my mobile hotspot (which has faster upload then Starbucks!) it wasn't an issue. It also wasn't so bad despite it being crowded backstage because I made some new friends and everyone was nice (and the models were ridiculously good looking?) Here are some favorites from each shoot.


Mercantile Annex 38 is an amazing space with floor to ceiling windows, the natural light mixed with HMI's was a dream. Skateboards scattered all over the hair and makeup area.


Tommy Hilfiger

Before the presentation all of the models walked through the streets single file onto the High Line for a group photo - it was madness but made for some fun shots. One of them even made the front page of the WWD Daily! :)

Parke & Ronen

🚨 🚨 🚨 🔥 🔥 🔥 


This was an awesome location as well and my favorite show out of them all because of the collection, the palette, the light, the models, and the styling (by Taylor Okata).

This project was so much fun and I'm excited to be shooting again for them in September for women's! Huge thanks to Jenna for the opportunity and Emily for helping make it happen! 

To see more images check out the WWD galleries below:

Deveaux / Parke & Ronen / N.Hoolywood / Tommy Hilfiger / Cadet